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Multi-dwelling units (Complexes)


Britelink will make contact with the identified complexes or similar entity. We will obtain site information including contact people, managing agents, unit counts etc. From this information we will get permissions from the body corporate to survey the site and subsequently obtain an approved survey document.

Types of installations

We have the capacity and technical knowledge to perform all installation types but have specific skills and experience in the following:

Distribution only

Reticulate the distribution fibre(s) from the network demarcation point (NDP) to the customer termination point (CTP’s), in accordance with the signed off site survey document. All CTP’s will be tested as part of the HOC process and all standards will be met.

Distribution and drop

We will reticulate the distribution fibre(s) from the NDP  to the CTP’s and if required, into a final termination point in each unit, in accordance with the signed off site survey document. All CTP’s and termination points, will be tested as part of the HOC (hand over certificate) process and all standards will be met.

Last mile installations / Home drops

Britelink has completed in excess of 35000 home installations and has the capacity to complete 4000 home installations per month, across both Gauteng,Western Cape and Free State through our permanent teams, affiliated partners and small & micro enterprises. Our current spare capacity is approximately 1000 in Gauteng and 500 in the Western Cape.

All home installations follow a standard installation process which includes personal client engagement before, during and after the installation.

Britelink prides itself on our fast turnaround time from a passed circuit test to completed home installation. Our current turnaround is under 24 hours.


  • Network distribution
  • MDU fibre access builds
  • Drop installations


  • Fibre distribution
  • Drop installations

Wireless networks

  • Path mapping and Planning
  • Wireless Point to Point solutions
  • Point to Multipoint solutions
  • Maintenance

Network maintenance

  • Environmental maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Break-fix maintenance
  • Fault investigation


  • CCTV Commercial and residential
  • Access control and automation
  • Alarm systems – Intruder detection
  • Steelwork manufacture


  • Unifi AP hosting platform
  • Network infrastructure
  • Data cabling


As your network grows specific focus needs to be put on maintenance. Britelink has the experience from maintaining one of the continents largest FTTH networks. Where most companies focus on the number of teams required to close a ticket within SLA, we would prefer to suggest an alternative approach, focussing on how many tickets we can proactively prevent from being opened.

Britelink offers a full-service maintenance solution and end-to-end customer engagement. All our maintenance technicians are trained on fault finding on all networks.

Core network

Britelink specialises in Core Network maintenance from the head-end to the customers wall box, dome joint or complex NDP.

Our fully equipped technicians are skilled at detecting the fault in an efficient manner and are capable of effectively resolving the problem. Britelink technicians are trained to view the problem holistically and resolve the cause of the problem and not just ‘get it live’.

All changes to planning are documented and original planning is updated.

Environmental maintenance

Our environmental team is divided into 2 sub-departments: Environmental and Civils. The Environmental teams travel the networks inspecting cable tensions, pole condition and clearing brush. The civils team assist with cable repairs or replacements in trenched networks.

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Support functions & standards

Our dedicated team works to ensure efficient and effective performance from management to area network owners through to our junior technicians.

Support functions


Britelink has a fully functioning planning department whose responsibilities cover both issuing planning to maintenance technicians on core and MDU networks and update and maintaining all plans to the as built environment.

Once an MDU or network has been handed over, planning takes full accountability for maintaining all plans, versions and changes.

Stock control

Britelink has a complete stock control process and each technician and MDU are measured independently. All stock items are measured and monitored and cost can be provided on a job by job basis.


Our coordinators cover three departments (Circuit testing, Installations and Maintenance) and have actively monitored key performance indicators (KPI’s) which has allowed Britelink to maintain exceptional turnaround times and consistently achieve SLA targets.

Customer service

As we provide a service direct to customers, maintain good relations with those customers and ensure continued success that Britelink has enjoyed, our philosophy is to keep the customer informed by having honest and authentic conversations, especially when an unforeseen issue arises.

Call centres

Britelink has a limited call centre operation which can be expanded depending on your requirements.

Training and skills development

Our fit-for-purpose training focuses on the technical and procedural competency required for employees.

We are also working to speed up the training and development lifecycle through out area network owners (ANO). Our most experienced technicians take responsibility for a specific area and assist in training and developing junior technicians. Our working hours cover 14 hour days from 07h00 to 21h00. We also work Saturdays and Sundays.

Occupational Health and Safety

Britelink is compliant in terms of the relevent health and safety requirements. Our teams are trained in legal liability, first aid, firefighting and working at heights. They are all equipped with PPE and regular inspections are undertaken. We also have the required insurance cover.

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