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As a full service optical fibre company Britelink offers end to end services for infrastructure owners. We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer service and satisfaction, and maintaining a high-quality network.

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Britelink has active operations in Gauteng, Western Cape and Free State and performs ad hoc functions in Kwa-Zulu Natal, through our Gauteng Office. Our vision is to become a national fibre services company by 2019 with active operations in all the major cities in South Africa and medium term across Southern Africa.

Our areas of expertise

  • GPON planning
  • Site surveying
  • Multi-dwelling unit (MDU) access builds
  • MDU full project management function
  • Network (core & MDU) testing
  • Scheduling
  • Technical coordination
  • Last mile installations / Home drops
  • Quality control
  • Escalation management

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Operational excellence

Our dedicated team works to ensure efficient and effective performance from management to area network owners through to our junior technicians.


Our project department performs the planning, design, surveying and building of networks. We cover both fibre, copper and wireless networks and spans MDU’s, commercial and residential properties, as well as core network builds and extensions.


Our technical department covers several key areas including technician competence, training and monitoring, Quality assurance; network monitoring and maintenance; environmental maintenance and coordination.


The pre-installation department covers two areas: circuit testing and scheduling. They are the first to engage with customers and form part of a vital chain of any customers experience with Britelink.


Our installation department coordinators each manage a team of technicians who perform the drop at the client’s residence. We have strict installation standards and guidelines.


The bedrock of the Britelink business is our maintenance department. All activities are monitored and measured, and full fault and resolution reporting is enforced.

Multi-dwelling units
Home drops
Britelink has built FTTH networks in over 400 Multi-dwelling units using various build specifications. We will gladly help any infrastructure owner to design a specifications document to suit your requirements and budget.

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